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  1. Scalia's body at Texas funeral home after 3-hour procession
  2. Nancy Reagan has gone to be with Ronald.
  3. Keith Ericson
  4. Merle Haggard dead at 79
  5. Prince Has Died
  6. Morley Safer has passed away.
  7. Gene Wilder
  8. Hugh O’Brian Dies; Dashing TV Star of ‘Wyatt Earp’ Was 91
  9. Golf's Arnold Palmer has passed on.
  10. Janet Reno Has Passed
  11. Leon Russell
  12. John Glenn
  13. Carrie Fisher Has Passed
  14. 2016's been rough
  15. Lt General Hal Moore
  16. Bill Paxton Has Passed On
  17. Chuck Berry
  18. Chuck Barris
  19. Cuba Gooding, Sr. has passed on.
  20. Erin Moran Has Passed
  21. Moore, Roger Moore
  22. Gregg Allman
  23. Manuel Noriega
  24. Adam West
  25. Goldy McJohn
  26. Tom Petty has passed on
  27. Mel Tillis is Gone
  28. Charles Manson - DEAD, DEAD, DEAD
  29. Jim Nabors
  30. Gunney is Gone
  31. Barbara Bush has passed on.
  32. "Mini-Me" has passed on
  33. Margot Kidder is Gone
  34. Alan Bean, Moonwalker, Has Gone Back to the Sky
  35. Harlan Ellison Has Passed On
  36. Aretha Franklin, Indomitable ‘Queen of Soul,’ Dies at 76
  37. Robin Leach has Passed On
  38. Senator Jon McCain Has Passed.
  39. Neil Simon Has Had His Last Curtain Call
  40. Burt Reynolds is Driving to that Truck Stop in the Sky
  41. Stan Lee Has Passed Away
  42. George H.W. Bush has passed on
  43. Ken Berry Has Passed On
  44. Penny Marshall has Passed On
  45. Peter Tork, No Longer Walking Down The Street
  46. Golden Globe-winner Katherine Helmond, known for 'Who's the Boss?' has passed away
  47. Beth Chapman has passed on
  48. H. Ross Perot Has Died.