1. Care to share your beliefs?
  2. The anomolies in christianity
  3. Yes, there IS an APP for that -Confession-
  4. Would You Be Interested In A Magazine On Public Life And Religion?
  5. Fifth Grade Assignment
  6. I Wish I Was A Jew, Too
  7. Do you believe in Angels?
  8. Religions And Class Warfare
  9. Farrakhan: Jews are pushing the US into war
  10. Do You Believe In Ghosts?
  11. Daily Affirmations
  12. Kiss Hanks Ass
  13. The book is changed yet again by TPTB
  14. Today (March 9) Is Ash Wednesday
  15. The Law Of Return And Ethopian Jews
  16. Truth about the Gods?
  17. Is Religion Headed for Extinction?
  18. Was Jesus a deadbeat?
  19. It Just Keeps Getting Worse And Worse
  20. Is It Ever Acceptable to Burn a Holy Book?
  21. Does God Exist?
  22. The Single Parenthood Religion Hijack
  23. Does Hell Exist? Controversial Book by Liberal Evangelical Pastor Sparks Criticism
  24. Walk to the tomb
  25. Should the Mentally Disabled be Denied Communion?
  26. The Paradoxical Commandments
  27. It Is Wrong To Make Pope John Paul II A Saint
  28. Here is the Church, Where is the Steeple?
  29. What ever happened to miracles and magic?
  30. The RCC Blames Woodstock
  31. The Sewer Rises Ever Further
  32. Religion from alan’s point of view
  33. Is it Really in the Bible? Phantom Verses, Misquotes and Other Common Biblical Errors
  34. Atheists of America
  35. Google Web Search Experiment #1: X "calls for death of"
  36. How I Know......
  38. Would You Go To This Church?
  39. CAIR wants to teach Islamic Study in WA State school district
  40. Pat Robertson: Divorce That Alzheimers Stricken Spouse!
  41. Very inspirational to me
  42. I'm thinking of reading the Bible
  43. RCC Bishop Indicted For Child Porn Conspiracy
  44. On earth peace, good will toward men.
  45. Did NBC Intentionally Edit Deceased Boy’s Admission That He Believed in God?
  46. Atheist Teen Wants Banner Taken Down At High School
  47. Awesome little kid!
  48. Flowchart to help choose your religion
  49. Men's Retreat
  50. Atheist Temple in London
  51. Is There Free Will In Heaven?
  52. HEY LORD!
  53. Atheism and Neo-Atheism
  54. Does Every Human Have Rights?
  55. Burn the Bible like it's trash but handle the Quran like it's a delicate piece of art
  56. Christian Hatred
  57. ~My Dad~
  58. New York Times accused of Catholic bashing, double standard on religion
  59. Is God a Marxist?
  60. Called for duty.
  61. Praying for this family.. I don't even know them..
  62. The Reason Rally
  63. And we make fun of some of the names black kids are given these days...
  64. To all my nonbelieving, sort-of-believing, and used-to-be-believing friends
  65. What gets's you through the tough times?
  66. Man spends 12 months practicing 12 different religions, and finds peace at year’s end
  67. God or the Government
  68. Shari'ah Law illegal in US?
  69. The Problem is NOT Islam or Christianity
  70. ~Heaven Ride~
  71. Contemplative Buddhist Medtiation/ Anallytic Meditation
  72. A question for those who believe in Jesus...
  73. Sharia Law
  74. 23 Pages And Still Confused
  76. Nepal's kung fu nuns practise karma with a kick
  77. Religion is manipulation/ Yes or NO?
  78. Non-Violent Heroes
  79. How Religious is your State?
  80. Calling all atheists
  81. Meditation
  82. What is evil?
  83. Do you believe we are in end times?
  84. Virtue
  85. Friends, enemies and strangers
  86. Ten Commandments vs. Five Buddhist Precepts
  87. Love Your Enemy
  88. Sexual Misconduct in Your Tradition: The Third Precept in Buddhism
  89. The Daily Motivator
  90. American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI
  91. Faith Based Prisons
  92. Austria church mounts billboard search for priests
  93. Street Giraffe
  94. Ten pounds lighter
  95. The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon
  96. Karma
  97. Enola's Stories
  98. Spiritual Autobiographies
  99. My son brought his children's bible to school yesterday to read
  100. Sit for Peace October 14
  101. Chloe Goodchild
  102. Mrs. Jesus
  103. Evidence Noah's Biblical Flood Happened, Says Robert Ballard
  104. poem for Sandy Hook
  105. This gripes my ass.
  106. COEXIST?
  107. Pope's done.
  108. Who put the bible together?
  109. Crazy Medieval Catholics
  110. Who do you think will be the next Pope
  111. How is the pope's name chosen?
  112. How Can There Be A God?
  113. Pope Francis never wanted to be Pope.
  114. Pope Francis on gay priests.
  115. Pope Francis: Church too focused on gays and abortion
  116. Hoe to Kill Goyim and Influence People
  117. Teen Nearly Dies During Days-Long Crucifixion-Style Exorcism
  118. Religiosity and Marriage
  119. Sunni and Shia Terrorism
  120. Getting close to that time.....
  121. One of those lightbulb moments
  122. Judaism, Christianity, Islam
  123. Little girl praaising
  124. Speaking of Spirituality...
  125. Pope Okays Civil Unions
  126. Communicating with the deceased
  127. Fred Phelps, founder of 'rabid' Westboro Baptist Church, said near death
  128. "Finding" God
  129. Reincarnation
  130. Drawing Heaven
  131. Can you be healed physically thru spiritual healing?
  132. Trying to help my daughter re: friendship
  134. jesus....
  135. Solstice
  136. Christian Privilege
  137. Pope Francis Rocks!
  138. Cremation, or not?
  139. Secrets in the Vatican
  141. New kind of church ?
  142. Angels Explained By Children
  143. Why are Buddhists not Anti-Abortion Fanatics?
  144. Why are they burning churches in St Louis ?
  145. Fastest Sermon
  146. Study on children and religious upbringing
  147. "Mary did you know" ~Pentatonix
  148. Self Hypnosis=religion?
  149. Test Time Again
  150. Muslim refugees are converting to Christianity in Germany
  151. How do I find God?