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  1. Any other veterans out there?
  2. What combat uniforms are your favorites?
  3. The new Navy uniforms...
  4. Last U.S. veteran of World War One dies at 110
  5. Every time they need money.
  6. Retired Admiral, Ex NSA director and ex deputy CIA director to head Xe.
  7. Dead soldier Liam Tasker and Army dog return home
  8. FLAGS at Half Staff today!
  9. Mystery of History...What Happened to the Ninth Legion?
  10. Only 17% view Obama as a strong military leader...
  11. Don’t forget your hijab, soldier!
  12. US Navy Testing Laser Weapon, Successfully Disables Small Boat
  13. All aboard the FAIL boat!!
  14. Brits join ground fight in Libya
  15. Last Known Combat Vet Of WW I Dies
  16. Navy to Allow Chaplains to Perform Same-Sex Marriages and Unions
  17. American Legion.
  18. US Navy Expected to Name Ship in Honor of Cesar Chavez
  19. Homeless Veterans and Man's Best Friend
  20. Question for Sfc Ollie‎
  21. France To Award Knighthood To US WW II Vet
  22. Memorial Day
  23. Army Sergeant to Receive Congressional Medal of Honor
  24. 101st?
  25. D-Day Anniversary, Thank You All!
  26. Delta Charges $2,800 in baggage fees for returning soldiers
  27. United, They Serve: On Father's Day, Military Dad and Son Find Common Ground
  28. Could This Be True?
  29. So Very Wrong
  30. Korean War Veterans Armistice Day
  31. Read this article and try not to puke.
  33. Pentagon to test Mach 20 aircraft tomorrow
  34. War is hell
  35. Troops Photographing Arlington
  36. Walter Reed Army Medical Center closes its doors in final ceremony
  37. Dog Tags Journey Back To Vet's Family
  38. Thankies, Home Depot
  39. A new war? British troops preparing strike against Iran
  40. Veterans Day 2011
  41. Indoctrinate U: Professor Says Sending Troops Care Packages is Shameful
  42. Why Did We Fight The Civil War?
  43. Today is The Day Of Remembrance: Pearl Harbor Day.
  44. WHAT?? Did I Read That Right??
  45. 90,000 wreaths spark reflection on war
  46. Purple Heart Ornaments Wrongly Sent to Deceased
  47. Military Podcast
  48. peeing soldiers...
  49. The War in Iraq (thread which branched off of "The Middle Class")
  50. Pentagon: Army, Marines to shrink as budget slows
  51. This Is Good
  52. Last surviving WWI dies.
  53. Marines Posed With Nazi SS Symbol In Afghanistan
  54. The most reproduced and parodied photo ever
  55. U.S. Soldier goes on civilian killing spree
  56. Chose wrong flag to burn
  57. New Virtual tour from the A F Museum
  58. Little boy Salutes Canadian troops
  59. H U A
  60. Our Heroes Headstones.
  61. RIP Military Dogs
  62. Pisses me off......
  63. MEMORIES of a G.I.
  64. Guess What Santa Brought
  65. “Enlisted Military” Third Worst Job in America
  66. Formerly Unknown soldiers.
  67. German Shepherd Fetches Ball, Returns to Find His Soldier Home from Deployment
  68. No Charges Dismissed for GI in WikiLeaks Case
  69. Bin Ladens death warrent?
  70. hellfire
  71. Don't mess with old vets.....
  72. Hey Ollie.
  73. The American Flag In Tatters Over A WW II Memorial
  74. Man Finds Tombstones Linked to Military Cemetery
  75. This Hurts-Memorial Day
  76. The Warrior Games
  77. To the Greatest Generation:
  78. U.S. Military Suicides Rising
  79. A Moment of Truth.
  80. This Will Piss You Off
  81. Find the Navy Seals In the Picture
  82. Standing in the Gap
  83. Ship's Crew Manifest
  84. Gen. David Petraeus: We Can't Leave Afghanistan Now, They Have Trillions of Dollars
  85. How are we not finished in Afgahnistan?
  86. What are the requirements for a "Just" War?
  87. Veterans check in!
  88. Would that it were so easy
  89. Animosity between those that did and did not serve?
  90. AWOL Soldier Gets Life Term
  91. ** RAHOWA **
  92. Navajo Code Talkers' Dictionary
  93. You Go Girl (s)
  94. Does Ex- Navy Seal Have freedom Of Speech??
  95. Facebook group strips in support of Prince Harry after naked Las Vegas photos furore
  96. Kind of a side issue.
  97. Gotta Love it.........
  98. The Marine Corps Version of Genesis 1
  99. Military Humor
  100. Panetta suggests bin Laden book author could be penalized
  101. Question on GITMO
  102. Do you think the Seals
  103. Old posts
  104. 92 year old Vet defends himself
  105. National POW/MIA Recognition Day
  106. Iran Threatens to Attack US Bases in Event of War
  107. Comrades forever and a day........
  108. Lawmakers want explanation for China-made boots
  109. Any one want to help?
  110. Worlds largest Army......
  111. Remains of Vietnam-era airmen identified
  112. Video: Veteran Tackles Westboro Protester
  113. A peaceful goodbye for three-war Army veteran Plumley
  114. Letters Home......
  115. "Thank You for Your Service" (sic)
  116. DoD Won’t Label Hood Shootings as Terrorist Attack
  117. Honoring Heros
  118. Not evacuating
  119. Enterprise Ends 51-Year Career at Sea
  120. Never Forget ... Always Thankful
  121. Happy Birthday USMC!
  123. Tuskegee Airman Herbert Carter Dead at 95
  124. Truth
  125. Bend over Military, her it comes again.
  126. Pentagon Still Sees Iran as Threat No. 1
  127. Armchair Generals
  128. Pearl Harbor Day.........
  129. Latest hell for ex-U.S. Marine: Chained to bed in Mexican jail Read more here: http:
  130. Sequestration Effects Already Felt in Base Town
  131. WOW What a raise...............
  132. US Navy starts X-47B taxi trials on carrier
  133. 65 Beautiful Photos Of The US Military In 2012
  134. Army Completes Assessment of Ballistic Underwear
  135. AP source: Retired Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf dies
  136. Rose Parade
  137. Many to Lose TRICARE Prime
  138. Troop Pay, Vet Checks at Risk Over Deficit Fight
  139. Four Chaplains
  140. Military retirees prescription fees
  141. Meet ARGUS: The World’s Highest Resolution Video Surveillance Platform
  142. OK Ladies
  143. A Flag
  144. Another hero takes his place in History.
  145. Find the two soldiers
  146. Be Careful What You Ask For . . .
  147. VFW Wants New Medal Ranked Lower
  148. Military to cut 800,000civilians per week.
  149. China Defends Booming Military Spending
  150. Gentlemen, Prepare to Defend Yourselves!
  151. Speaking Of Medals
  152. The Draft.
  153. Sometimes the Demons Just Won't Go Away
  154. A Phony Gets Time
  155. Veterans regroup to target fakes
  156. North Korea
  157. Not Everyone Can Be the 'Queen of Battle' . . .
  158. Gangum Style
  159. USA = BAD - WE BAD...
  160. Navy's New Laser Weapon Blasts Bad Guys From Air, Sea
  161. Memorial Day 2013
  162. Medal of Honor awarded to Army chaplain
  163. Gotta love it.......
  164. Meet Master Sergeant Soup Sandwich
  165. Senator puts hold on Air Force 3-star's promotion
  166. Alan Wood Has Died
  167. Will someone please................
  168. Stupid idiots of the year award.
  169. Air Assault School
  170. Gunny
  171. Always protect your ammo.......
  172. Memorial Day 2013
  173. Blind Vet Defends Himself And Restrains Attacker For Police
  174. Air Force's sexual assault prevention chief arrested for sexual assault
  175. Knew this was coming.....
  176. Another One Guarding The Gates ...
  177. Armed Forces Day 2013........
  178. A moment of closure
  179. U.S. Military Grants Itself the Authority to Deploy Troops in American Cities
  180. US Army 'kill team' in Afghanistan posed for photos of murdered civilians
  181. Could of..........
  182. D Day
  183. American Legion Post 247
  184. Senate Blocks Plan to Bar Military Legal Authority
  186. WWII Veteran About To Be Evicted By Daughter, Son-In-Law
  187. Always worries me.......
  188. Least we forget....
  189. You gatta be ...............
  190. Band of Brothers
  191. A Real Hero.
  192. Today In History
  193. Who is?
  194. Col. Bud Day, Medal of Honor Recipient, Dies at 88
  195. Manning
  196. Guarding The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier
  197. Obama accused of using terrorist strategy condemned by Bush
  198. Here we go again.....
  199. Nidal Malik Hasan found guilty
  200. Viral Pic Wife Carries Ex Marine Legless Husband Piggyback Goes Viral Love Story
  201. Supporting Those That Protect & Serve(d)
  202. Not military,but.
  203. Email from Mypay
  204. Million Vet march..
  205. End of a story.
  206. Academy may drop or change honor oath over 'so help me God'
  207. Pussified Marine Corps????
  208. Standing honors.
  209. Captain James Kirk to Command New Navy Destroyer
  210. Coast Guard visits mystery barge linked to Google in San Francisco Bay
  211. Overseas Soldier Watches in Horror as His Pregnant Wife is STABBED on FaceTime
  212. I Drive Your Truck
  213. To our VETERANS!
  214. Pentagon's New Neoliberal Training Maual?
  215. WTF, Over . . .
  216. Taps
  217. Now I'm beginning to worry........
  218. 50 Yard-line Reunion
  219. On duty
  220. Meeting Marine Corps standards now optional
  221. An Iraq Update for HT
  222. Heavy duty message...
  223. 1 killed in Black Hawk 'hard landing' at Hunter Army Airfield
  224. 'Gilligan's Island' Professor, actor Russell Johnson, dead at 89
  225. 3 Bodies found in on base housing at Ft Hood TX
  226. Better than the Post Office
  227. Soldier surprises 7-year-old daughter after 9-month deployment
  228. Misconduct forces more soldiers out
  229. I'm suddenly feeling old.
  230. Family in the Military
  231. FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations
  232. The Court Marshal of Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair
  233. Paying it forard.
  234. Now what do ya do?
  235. RIP Wild Bill
  236. Here it comes again..........
  237. Another hero.
  238. Restricted data, Nuclear secrecy blog. Unedited footage of the Nagasaki bombing
  239. Iranians up to 'no good
  240. Generals said what?
  241. Sgt Bergdahl
  242. Shooter Reported At Ft. Hood Today
  243. Mexican Military Infiltrating US Thru Underground Tunnels - See more at: http://govts
  244. Sir Nicholas Winton - Happy 105th Birthday.
  245. One-of-a-kind war memorial unveiled in Oregon State Penitentiary
  246. Navajo code talker Samuel Holiday, 90, gets surprise honors
  247. Uncle Harry
  248. 70 years later, D-Day vet Jim 'Pee Wee' Martin jumps again
  249. Bergdahl’s Letters From a Taliban Prison
  250. My Grandson.