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  1. Georgia Executed Emmanuel Hammond Last Week
  2. Just when you think you've heard it all...banning public flatulence?
  3. 38-year-old murder mystery set for trial
  4. Score one for privacy in California
  5. When the law gets it wrong: Foreclosure for legal fees
  6. Smoke at home? No job for you!
  7. Walmarts Fires 4 Employees For Disarming Gunman
  8. Philadelphia Priests Charged With Child Sex Abuse
  9. Completely Justified? Partially Justified? Guilty?
  10. Citizens United Paid To Put Thomas On SCOTUS
  11. the charge? simple possession; the sentence - death by criminal neglect
  12. New Crime: Prenatal Murder
  13. The Crime Of Extortion
  14. Is There A Prize For Sponsoring The Stupidest Bill This Legislative Session?
  15. Female Murderer Sentenced To Death In Arizona
  16. Guilty Of Child Abuse?
  17. Suspect arrested in East Coast rapes
  18. Illinois Set To Repeal The Death Penalty
  19. Will You Be Buying A Locking Gas Cap?
  20. Blame The Gang Rape Victim.....Even If She Is Only 11?
  21. Their Dream Home Was FireBombed; No Arrest and No Claim Paid
  22. Prisoner Saves $11,000 And The State Wants It
  23. Nurse Found Guilty of Assisting Suicides Online
  24. Is Kiddie Court or the Big Leagues More Suitable for Minors?
  25. Wisconsin Union Protests.....Unconstitutional?
  26. Hitler Tamed by Prison
  27. AG Holder Announces Initiative to Curb Cop Killings
  28. Supreme Court Rules on Drug Warning Case
  29. Frivolous Lawsuit Or Not?
  30. College Prof Fired for Burlesque Performance
  31. Supreme Court Rejects Troy Davis Appeal
  32. Supreme Court to Hear Wal-Mart Gender Bias Case
  33. Sex offender tweets his way from parole to prison
  34. Yes!!
  35. Ultimate Munchies! Man Busted With Pot in Stolen Krispy Kreme Truck
  36. Supreme Court Denies Compensation For Exonerated Death Row Inmate
  37. Should There Be A Limit?
  38. Police Use Pepper Spray on 8-Year-Old Boy: Justified?
  39. Should Supreme Court Justices be Tweeting or Facebooking?
  40. Prison Time Without Trial
  41. Whoops
  42. Defensible Or Despicable?
  43. Good Grief
  44. What Would You Do?
  45. Is it "Right" to use one's 5th Amendment protection when interrogated?
  46. Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Pharmaceutical Data Mining Today
  47. Sony Faces Potential Lawsuits Worldwide Over Failure to Disclose Security Breach
  48. Supreme Court Rejects Expedited Review for Health Care Law
  49. 8 Horses Burned To Death In Apparent Anti-Gay Hate Crime
  50. Federal Judge OK's Plan to Breach Levee, Flood Missouri Farms and Homes
  51. Supreme Court Rules 5-4 Upholding Class Action Bans in Contracts
  52. Very Troubling Case
  53. MO Hospitals Lose Suit Against Tobacco Companies for Unpaid Treatment of Smokers
  54. How Can This Be Constitutional?
  55. Should This Be Legal?
  56. It May Be Legal, But It Ain't Right
  57. Casey Anthony: Should her Parents Be Allowed in the Courtroom?
  58. House Arrest For Murder?
  59. Plea Deal in Rutgers Webcam Spying Suicide Case
  60. No Gov't Aid For Victims Of Controlled Flooding On The Mississippi?
  61. just how many mods and admins do we have here?
  62. Indiana Supreme court nullifies 4th Amendment
  63. First Lawsuit Filed Over Bin Laden Death Photos
  64. No Nookie For Divorcing Parents
  65. Pima county SWAT team kills Marine
  66. Warrants Let Agents Enter Homes Without Owner Knowing
  67. Unabomber Ted Kaczynski Under Investigation for 1982 Tylenol Poisonings?
  68. Shoot To Kill -- Justified Or Not?
  69. Supreme Court to CA: Get Rid of 30,000 Prisoners
  70. Should Medical Marijuana Users Be Able to Buy and Carry Guns?
  71. SWAT murders Marine, cover-up is in full swing
  72. Breaking: Supreme Court Upholds AZ Law Punishing Businesses Who Hire Illegals
  73. He kills a robber and is guilty of murder....ahhh the shades of gray
  74. Sexual Assaults
  75. Multi-Million Dollar Chiquita Case Moves Forward
  76. Mother Accused Of Trying To Sell Daughter's Virginity
  77. No Wonder Lawyers Are the Butt of Jokes
  78. US Supreme Court Rules 9-0 Against Halliburton in Securities Fraud Case
  79. NJ Supreme Court: Message Boarders Aren't Journalists
  80. Alleged thieves chop down tree to get to bike
  81. The Best Reason To End The Death Penalty
  82. Should a 5-Year-Old be Charged With Murder?
  83. Can You Bark At A Police Dog?
  84. Seattle Murder Conviction Tossed Over "Racist" Appeal by Prosecution
  85. Seattle PD and Race Card
  86. Madeline wants to know about jury duty. Help her out with your experiences.
  87. Supreme Court Screws Native Americans
  88. Yet another example why some of the public dislikes police officers
  89. Supreme Court Rules on Child Support Case
  90. WTF? Brazilian Version
  91. Should Town Ban Sale of Common Item to Stop Plane Spotting?
  92. Two Supreme Court Decisions Favor Drug Makers
  93. Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices Come to Blows Over Anti-Union Law?
  94. Opinion: Why Corporations Are Not People
  95. Court: Calif. can't ban violent video game sales
  96. Are Criminal Registries A Good Idea?
  97. From the UK: Child Vandals, Robbers
  98. Having a Disability Could Get You Tasered
  99. Strauss-Kahn Accuser Files Suit for Libel After NY Post Calls her a Prostitute
  100. Racial Bias In Juries?
  101. Sour Grapes? Ethics Complaint Filed Against Anthony Lawyer
  102. Exposing Anthony Case Juror's Names
  103. Uh............
  104. Another Child Murdered
  105. Messy Decision on TX Gerrymandering Case
  106. Why Did The OJ Jury Acquit, IYO?
  107. Is Compelling an Individual to Unlock a Laptop "Testimony"?
  108. Midway GA police shut down lemonade stand
  109. Mandatory Reporter
  110. Scumbag cops in Canton, OH
  111. Cleveland Area Serial Killer Anthony Sowell GUILTY
  112. Tasers shelved by Charlotte, N.C., police after second suspect dies
  114. NJ man sentenced for Internet domain name theft
  115. News Corp Legal Dept to NY Post: Preserve Hacking, Bribery Evidence
  116. The #1 Most Ridiculous Thing I've Ever Heard Of
  117. Retired Military Translator's Home Reportedly Raided in DEA Mix-Up
  118. The Official Stupid Government Officials Thread
  119. Now this just chaps my hide..
  120. Jack booted thugs
  121. Prosecutors: AZ border agents made smugglers eat marijuana, strip
  122. Well, this is reassuring
  123. Warren Jeffs Gets Life for Sexual Assaults
  124. How often do officers hear this?
  125. Sheriff Joe....um...."lost"....$100M
  126. Just When 911 Operators Thought They'd Heard it All...Now They'll Get to See It
  127. Pregnant Teen Arrested for DUI After Hitting Pollice Car
  128. PA Judge Gets 28 Years for Bribery
  129. Should videotaping police and other officials in public be illegal?
  130. Free Speech or Glorifying Crime?
  131. It could have been an interesting band practice
  132. Aruba sing-a-long
  133. Sex Trafficking Victim or Prostitute?
  134. For Everyone Asking About Civil Lawsuits Against Casey Anthony.....
  135. West Memphis Three May Go Free Today
  136. WTF Is Going On In Republic, MO?
  137. A New Low in Fairfax County, VA
  138. Who Owns the Sunken Treasure?
  139. Alabama Immigration Law Under Fire
  140. The Problem With Teenagers
  141. One of the Most Disgusting Things I've Ever Seen
  142. Hysterical Outdated Laws
  143. Stupid, yet impressive
  144. The purple paint law
  145. That'll Be $25
  146. He's Not That Into You?
  147. Dude, urine court.
  148. Largest Medicaid Fraud In History
  149. Death Penalty
  150. Why Do We Have To Wear Shirts?
  151. Just Tragic
  152. Supreme Court Grants Stay of Execution
  153. Italy Set To Try Scientists For Manslaughter In Earthquake Deaths
  154. Troy Davis Executed
  155. When I first read about this case, it bothered me tremendously.
  156. The Rhetoric Doesn't Help
  157. If the Inmate Has a Choice
  158. Protip: Calling the police to tell them to stop chasing you doesn't work
  159. What A Nightmare!
  160. Trial for Michael Jackson's Death
  161. Goldcatt sues Wal-Mart
  162. Scam?
  163. Amanda Knox pleads for her freedom as murder appeal ends
  164. Texas man suing over firing because of his weight
  165. 1st Degree Murder Charge Is Inconvenient
  166. For Those Of You With Doggie Doors
  167. Parents of missing Missouri baby say they are cooperating
  168. Driving the wrong way and kill a woman?
  169. Worlds slowest police chase.
  170. Another nomination for dumb criminal of the week
  171. “If you don’t think this is fun, you’re in the wrong line of work — period!
  172. Whoops...
  173. Theft Of $500,000 in Heroin From Chicago-Area Police Evidence Locker
  174. Drunk Daddy Relies On 9 Year Old To Drive
  175. True Crimes Sub
  176. Special Rules For True Crimes Forums
  177. Female Serial Killer Shelia LaBarre
  178. Law Bans Cash for Second Hand Transactions
  179. Are The Elderly Less Guilty?
  180. I Support LWOP For Corrupt Cops
  181. Border Agent goes to Prison for "Violating Rights" of Drug Smuggler
  182. Record low support for gun control
  183. Read this with "Yakety-Sax" playing in your head
  184. Spirit Lake Tribe Sues NCAA
  185. MY KINDA SHERRIFF! Yours to DR
  186. Working In A Prison
  187. Video Shows Family Court Judge Torturing His Disabled Child
  188. The verdict is in!!!
  189. Operation: Dirty damn trick
  190. Is Bill Clinton A Rapist?
  191. Obesity Increasingly Deciding Child Custody Cases
  192. The Craigslist Killer Is 16 Years Old
  193. Cincinnati Councilwoman Sues Over 13 Cent Fine
  194. Across The Border & Beyond The Law
  195. Whaca Think?
  196. 75 Years possible for recording cops.
  197. Cleveland City Council Makes 2nd Attempt To Ban 'Net-Based Flash Mobs
  198. Motorcycle Cop Caught Texting Whilst Driving
  199. The Westies
  200. Ohio Prosecutors Push For Bill Outlawing Bench Trials
  201. Shoplifter chops off Wash. security guard's ear
  202. Why Women Hide Rape
  203. Serial Killer Hunted On The Internet
  204. SCOTUS Sets Aside Five Days To Hear Arguments On Obamacare
  205. Mom Sues Over Ad Claiming Nutella Is "Health Food"
  206. Michael Douglas' Son Stunned, Sentenced to Four and a Half More Years in Prison
  207. Chilean Supreme Court Orders Newspaper To Pay Damages Over Bad Recipe
  208. New 2012 laws: No caffeine in beer, shark fins in soup
  209. Why I carry a firearm.
  210. Ohio parents plead guilty in son's cancer death
  211. Mississippi judge unpardons 21 convicts.
  213. Alabama judge to sign order declaring Natalee Holloway legally dead
  214. 10-year-old boys arrested for alleged sex assault of 8-year-old boy on school bus
  215. Lawsuit: Prosthetic penis led to Pennsylvania woman's firing
  216. Separation of Church and State - A Pocket History and opinions
  217. United States v Jones
  218. City Makes Hoarding A Crime
  219. 9 Year Murdered By Forced To Run
  220. Man loses job after being accused of murder
  221. How do you know that you're doing your job as an investigative reporter?
  222. I do believe I would fight this
  223. Nerdiest meth dealer ever
  224. Activist judges FTW!
  225. Interview with FBI agent Dale Carson about how to protect yourself from the police.
  226. US Marine to be discharged for saying his oath is to the Constitution, not Prez
  227. Will internet trolling be illegal in Arizona?
  228. Capital Rivals: Rumble in Silicon Valley
  229. Shooting in self-defense or manslaughter?
  230. I think the self defense theory goes out the window...
  231. This is not going to end well....
  232. Will Zimmerman's arrest quiet the mob?
  233. We can learn alot from Trayvon Martin's mother...
  234. Seems like there are people who would be very pleased if Zimmerman was found guilty
  235. New Black Panthers: Marginal Comedy Troupe or Real Threat?
  236. Will Daniel Adkins get same coverage as Trayvon Martin?
  237. Be honest folks
  238. 35 Senate Republicans Voted AGAINST Hate Crime Law
  239. Are the lives of people in minority groups worth less?
  240. The Ganja Granny
  241. What Is A Hate Crime?
  242. Restorative Justice
  243. Gun Owners--How many of you pack weapons and
  244. Meagan's Law
  246. Restorative Justice Part Deux
  247. BP oil spill: First criminal charges filed in US
  248. Drew Peterson And The Expansion Of Hearsay Exceptions
  249. Anti-Sharia Laws Are Unconstitutional In The US
  250. Zimmerman Medical Report Shows Broken Nose, Lacerations After Trayvon Martin Shooting