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  1. January unemployment falls...due to unemployed giving up
  2. Shocking Poll! Americans Remain Unconvinced That Economy Is Improving
  3. Obama In Cleveland Today To Meet With Small Businessmen
  4. Unemployment dips to 8.9 pct., 192K jobs added
  5. North Dakota economy booms, population soars
  6. Japan exports rise 9 pct in Feb. on China demand
  7. Fourth-quarter GDP revised up to 3.1 percent
  8. Michigan Cuts Unemployment Benefits to Spur Job Growth
  9. Keys for cash?
  10. March unemployment rate dips to 8.8% as the economy added 216,000 jobs
  11. More Americans work for the government than.....
  12. McDonald's wants to fill 50K jobs on hiring day
  13. They're hiring!
  14. Tackling the Debt: How Would You Do It?
  15. New Unemployment Claims Increase After 4 Week Decline
  16. Dueling Budgets
  17. Initial Unemployment Claims Down, Still Higher Than Forecast
  18. Where are They Going....
  19. The Underwear Indicator: A Good Sign?
  20. Americans Addressing the Deficit
  21. Rising Food, Fuel Prices Threaten Growth in Asia
  22. It's A Very Good Think My Best Friend's Husband Travels To Brazil Nearly Monthly
  23. Fed Press Conference
  24. Tracking Private Sector Job Creation: Are We Becoming a McEconomy?
  25. Unexpectedly! Sigh
  26. Obama's Energy Policy: The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!
  27. The Economy Sucks!
  28. More Bad News for Food Prices: Weather Delays Planting in Much of US
  29. Growth data cast doubt over US recovery
  30. More Bad News
  31. The Hidden Costs Of Medicare
  32. Are You Changing Your Driving Habits To Save On Gas?
  33. Is Anyone Still Asking IF There Is A 'Double Dip?'
  34. Screw Looking At Europe, Look At Chile!
  35. No More Credit For Stay-At-Home Parents
  36. Rick Santorum Wins South Carolina GOP Straw Poll
  37. Medicare, Social Security Funds Expiring Sooner, U.S. Says
  38. Stimulus? More Like Damper
  39. BofA to give away houses
  40. April Housing Starts Down 23.9% from Last Year
  41. Have Construction, Finance or Insurance on Your Resume? Tough Luck
  42. Waive me
  43. Dueling Suburbs
  44. Those Strange Giveaway Websites
  45. Joplin Tornado Could Cost $3bn in Insured Losses
  46. Evolution of the Tax Haven and Rise of the Oligarchy: Fact or Fantasy?
  47. Humm.......
  48. And Things Keep Tumbling Down
  49. It's Funny. It's Crude. And It's TRUE.
  50. radio have you considered these homes for under 400K?
  51. Shale Boom in Texas Could Increase U.S. Oil Output
  52. What Recovery?
  53. New Unemployment Claims Above 400,000 for Eighth Week
  54. Obama Budget Plan
  55. China On US Debt Ceiling
  56. Advice Needed, Please
  57. No Problem Adding $1 Tax to Gasoline, Right?
  58. Should We Be Scared Yet?
  59. Exxon Finds Major Oil Discovery In Gulf
  60. Read 'Em And Weep: The Death of The American Dream
  61. Is the Corporation Gaining or Losing its Power?
  62. Goldman Sachs Under Investigation for Possible Bribery in Dealings With Gaddafi
  63. US Is in Even Worse Shape Financially Than Greece: Gross
  64. Zombinomics
  65. Unemployment applications drop, but remain high
  66. How To Fix Our Economy
  67. What's The Effect Of Gov't Regulation On The Great Recession?
  68. How about those new jobs?
  69. Yet Another Reason To Despise Walmarts
  70. Opinion: Ten Things the GOP Doesn't Want You to Know About the Debt
  71. Special Report: A little house of secrets on the Great Plains
  72. Evil Doings At The IRS
  73. State Governments Shrinking Incomes To Collect Taxes?
  74. The stimulus
  75. Renaissance Detroit!!!
  76. Let's Talk About Taxes!!! Ya!
  77. Investors Buying Up Farmland, Betting Food Prices Will Skyrocket
  78. Federal Reserve Planning for Possible Default
  79. Efficiency Causes Job Loss
  80. Broke! The Financial Condition of American Households
  81. Analysis: U.S. credit downgrade 'inevitable'
  82. Suze Orman: The Solution is Jobs
  83. American Manufacturing - Important?
  84. Unemployment aid applications tick down to 400K
  85. One day late on your mortgage? Foreclosure!
  86. S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating for first time
  87. Medical Dept Relief Act
  88. Man starts Non-Profit Organization to Pay Down The Nations Debt
  89. US Debt Clock Calculated
  90. Korean Stock Broker Leaps to Death Amid Market Plunge
  91. Economic Uncertainty Leading to Global Unrest
  92. Chrysler launches "no payment until first breakdown" program
  93. Did the economist just call us a bunch of "raging rug munchers"?
  94. Long Term Effects From The Global Economic Crisis?
  95. Anyone Still Think That UE Is Really At 9.1?
  96. Permanent welfare class
  97. Obama's Green Jobs and Taxpayer Money To Support Them
  98. August Job Report: Zero
  99. A Dollar and a Dream: Lottery Sales Up in Tough Times
  101. German Leader Faces Key Choices on Rescuing Euro
  102. Baggage Fees Top $450
  103. Should We Lower/Eliminate The Minimum Wage?
  104. Unions, civic groups to join Occupy Wall Street march
  105. Occupy Indianapolis
  106. State and Local governments stifling new business - a personal perspective
  107. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation now targeted by protesters.
  108. DOE loans half a million to create jobs in Finland
  109. It's easier to start a business in Rwanda...
  110. Jack Daniel's Faces More Taxes From Cash-Strapped Hometown in Tennessee
  111. US States Are Facing Total Debt of Over $4 Trillion
  112. New VW Passat - good for you, good for us
  113. Don't let this be you America
  114. If you are unemployed, it is your fault...
  115. I'm about to stimulate the economy
  116. Companies piling cash? Yeah, but not so impressive
  117. Homeless Children In Cars
  118. Amazon's New Trade In Program For Old Electronics, DVDs, Books, Etc.
  119. Jobs boom: Numbers tell story of North Dakota’s growing economy
  120. The Netflix killer is coming
  121. The Real Evil Of Foreclosure
  122. Reinstate Payroll Taxes Now!
  123. The Best Explanation I've Ever Seen
  124. Brazil Overtakes Britain as Sixth Largest Economy
  125. Sears/Kmart To Close 100 to 120 Stores
  126. Kasich Cuts Ribbon On Nuclear Medicine Shop
  127. Squatters.....Good or Bad?
  128. Executive Bonuses
  129. EU Warning of Economic Downturn
  130. Related To The Sears/KMart Thread: Best Buys Death Spiral?
  131. S&P Cuts Credit Ratings for Nine Euro Zone Nations
  132. Will there come a new american?
  133. Chinese Expieriences...
  134. ~Our Local Food Lion Closes~
  135. Business Ethics as a factor for success?
  136. Thank Goodness The Economy Is So Much Better!
  137. Al Gore takes aim at "unsustainable" capitalism
  138. CBO: Longest Period of High Unemployment Since Great Depression
  139. Headed for trouble
  140. Obama proposes cutting corporate tax rate to 28% from 35%
  141. Global Extreme Poverty Cut in Half over 20 Years
  142. Are You On SSDI?
  143. “We Can Live With” $4 Gas: Economist Sees Hope for U.S. Amid Global Slowing
  144. Watch Your Driving!
  145. Haven't we heard this tune before?
  146. In between a rock and a hard place -- oil industry tax subsidies
  147. Media Hypocrisy Regarding Gas Prices
  148. Frank Releases Statement Regarding Implementation of the Volcker Rule
  149. Theres Good News Tonight
  150. Gas
  151. How's That 'Hopey Changey' Working Out For You Now?
  152. National Debt has increased more under Obama than under Bush
  153. Mitt Romney stands by anti-tax pledge
  154. Obamacare: Seven New Taxes on Citizens Earning Less than $250,000
  155. Freeloaders...
  156. Your prediction on the economy: What will Romney do?
  157. Americorps
  158. "Unexpectedly" Retail Spending Falls
  159. Big families seeking rental properties face tough times
  160. The Fed, Caught RED Handed
  161. Economy Adds 163,000 Jobs
  162. 400k Dump Pay TV In 2012
  163. Why There Really Is Debt Crisis
  164. Economic Intervention: Then and Now
  165. Is Free-Market Capitalism Impossible?
  166. Time to REBEL! 5 Ways We Can Break the Big Banks' Death Grip on the Economy
  167. Why You've Never Heard of the Great Depression of 1920
  168. On Gold's Recent Resilience
  169. Some Good News
  170. The Fed and the Parasitic Banking System
  171. Government Motors Needs 2d Bailout???
  172. We Owe, We Owe, It's All On Us You Know . . .
  173. GAS PRICES OVER $4 AGAIN!!!!!!!!!
  174. $16,000,000,000,000
  175. US economy adds 96K jobs, rate falls to 8.1 pct.
  176. The US Is Worse Off Than A Year Ago
  177. Interesting Article On Shell and Drilling In Alaska
  178. 1.6 Billion and growing
  179. America could be ‘taken over,’ warns Ross Perot
  180. US jobless rate falls to 7.8 pct., 44-month low
  181. 2013 Social Security Increase Lowest Since 1975.
  182. Helium. Cheap trick for making money?
  183. Hussein Shuts Down Oil Drilling Out West
  184. Got Kids?
  185. Fiscal Cliff PORK
  186. Higher Education Bubble
  187. Entrepreneurship: Meet Them Where They Need Ya!
  188. ~Damn These Gas Prices~
  189. California working hard to squash any economic activity
  190. How Serious Are The Glib 'Hopey and Changey?'
  191. How Obamacare Changed Your Taxes
  192. It could be worse: You could be under 40
  193. The Price of Doing Business . . .
  194. What to do, what to do
  195. EBT benefit card glitch sparks Walmart shopping sprees in Louisiana
  196. Biggest scamnin history
  197. Jews Celebrate as they Renew Claim to Fed's Top Spot
  198. Unemployment Rate Falls to 7.2%!!!
  199. Who keeps driving America's economy off the cliff?
  200. What a Steal! 4 Surprising Facts About Shoplifting
  201. Massive Data Theft At Target
  202. Lessons from Dutch Welfare Reform
  203. What You Probably Didn’t Know About Germany Getting Its Gold Back From the Federal Re
  204. You Are About To Get Hosed By The Federal Flood Insurance Program
  205. Nearly Half Of Us Couldn't Live A Month On Our Savings
  206. Financial Optimism in the U.S.
  207. Greatest Poverty Eliminator Is a Job, Panel Says
  208. Bacon prices at all time high
  209. A Pay-less Recovery?
  210. CIA Insider Warns: "25-Year Great Depression is About to Strike America"
  211. Don't Watch Mildred
  212. Say Goodbye to Workers' Comp
  213. 10 Reasons to Leave the Export-Import Bank Dead
  214. Gold Buffalo Nickel Coins
  215. USD, Gold, and Reserve Currency
  216. Unemployment and the Labor Participation Rate
  217. Income Tax Withholding
  218. Identity Theft