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    Yes Here there be Rules...

    Side-Kicks is a privately owned, non business, social internet club created for the express purpose of providing an opportunity for personal contact in the form of expressing opinions and thoughts among members. Membership is limited to the approval of Ownership through Staff upon registering and is subject to adherence to the rules set forth and any changes therein. Further, Side-Kicks does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.

    We really want this to be a friendly, enjoyable place to be. Our intent is to lightly mod the forum, and have real debate/discussion.

    Here are a few rules that need to be followed:

    1. All quotes of copyrighted material should be kept to no more than a few paragraphs ( 2 or 3), and a link to the original source should be part of the post.

    2. No trolling, harassing others, or stalking (even off site)...including in PM's. (PM's are reportable to Staff.) If you have a need to call out another member we have an area for that.

    3. No retreads or socks, will be tolerated.

    4. No questioning a mods action on the open board. If you need clarification, PM that mod. Or Mod of your choice.

    5. No threats of violence, or violence against another member or member's family. Threatening another member or staff on or off the board is cause for a ban.

    6. No revealing content of a PM. (PM's may be reported to staff.)

    7. No porn. No borderline porn. This includes pictures or drawings of female anatomy, ie nipples, no matter how tasteful and how much some might like to see them.

    8. No flaming, personal attacking, of an individual person outside of the Sandbox subforum. If you need clarification of this, a staff member will be glad to explain further. If a person baits another to the point of flaming, that will be a case by case issue.

    9. There will be no attacking another posters family, this includes family pets.
    This includes false accusations of an illegal act.

    10. The Sidekicks arcade is only for active posters. Once a poster becomes inactive, meaning no substantive posts for a running 14 day period, their arcade privileges will be revoked. It costs money to add the games, and it costs money to run the forum. If someone is not going to participate in the forum then they will not be able to participate in the arcade.

    11. Hiding your IP behind a proxy will not be tolerated.

    The positions given to staff are up to the total discretion of the Owner.. No one has any right or authority to question these appointments. Remember Staff is there to help keep Side Kicks running smoothly.

    13. Other actions to include banning from 24 hours to forever as deemed necessary by a moderator may be taken upon their discretion in order to keep the board running smoothly for all. Remember that we do not discuss banned members on the board.

    14. Links to other Message boards for the purpose of recruiting is strictly forbidden. Links to another board that fits into a conversation must be pre- approved by staff.

    And Finally.

    Remember that we are all here at the whim of the owner, we play by the rules or we don't play at all. The entire Idea behind Side-Kicks is that we can discuss the issues without lowering ourselves to the level of sewage. While we may get a bit hot now and then do your best to keep it in check. Remember that name calling doesn't prove your point. Most of all Stop in the arcade now and then and have some fun, maybe find a game to relief some stress. (Stress relief paintball?)


    (When you can recite these backwards and point out the one spelling mistake you are an expert)
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    Just to be clear, I am posting this to add to the Rules, though I thought people understood that. Red is reserved for Staff members only. If you edit, or want to use other colors, please pick one that is not red.

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